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Need to improve the look, security and energy efficiency of your home  ?

Our state of the art ‘A’ rated windows will transform the look, security and energy efficiency of your home. With our bespoke design service we will design the perfect window for your home. With many colour choices your ideal look is not far away. With our secure by design accreditation you can be safe in the knowledge that your home is safe and secure. With our industry leading ‘A’ rated windows you will be sure to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills for many years to come.

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Our ‘A’ rated bespoke windows will transform the look, security and energy efficiency of your home.

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Strong, Safe and Secure

Security for you and your home is paramount, with the secure by design accreditation you can be safe in the knowledge that your ‘A’ rated windows have been made to the highest standards.

Homeguard™ is a unique hardware security system for windows and doors. All components have been purpose designed and selected to ensure the finished products performance can surpass all standards laid down for enhanced security and is also durable, long lasting and pleasing to the eye.

Our high impact 70mm framework with thermally welded joints provides integral strength which is further increased, where necessary, through the incorporation of fully galvanised steel reinforcement into the multi-chambered structure of the profile. Our 28mm Heatguard sealed units provide better strength, sound proofing and insulation.

The combination of locking points that secure the window in all four corners and four sides of the frame, and its internally glazed design that prevents the glass from being removed from the outside, makes HOMEGUARD™ the right choice.

Glass is installed from the inside, making it virtually impossible to remove from the outside.

Our windows carry the Secure By Design accreditation and conform to BS 7950 and PAS 024

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Peaceful & Warm

The British Fenestration Rating Council’s ‘Window Energy Rating’ scheme calculates the overall energy efficiency of windows. It has given consumers an easy way to distinguish between the top energy saving A-C rated windows and less eco-friendly alternatives.

Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria, so reducing condensation is extremely good news for people who suffer from respiratory conditions, such as asthma. With Heatguard® thermal bridging is all but eliminated, resulting in a massive 70% reduction in condensation

Fuel bills reduced by up to 25% a year

HeatGuard® Energy efficient windows cut heat loss through windows, and can reduce fuel bills for householders by up to 25% a year. Just from reducing the running time of your heating system and locking in thermal energy, you can achieve warmer, healthier housing for the same or less expense.

Up to 2dB in Noise reduction.

Installing HeatGuard® energy efficient windows can significantly improve the sound quality in your home. With high-performance glazing, sound resistance is enhanced and a higher quality of air, noise and light filtration achieved – ultimately providing you with a more comfortable internal environment.

Low E Glass

The use of coated insulating glass, resulting in low surface emissivity, with lower levels of thermal transmittance compared with traditional glazing. It reduces the amount of heat loss out through your window, whilst allowing heat (energy) from the sun in. This effect is known as solar gain and as it comes from the sun its free of charge. Our warm edge sealed units are 28mm wide leaving a 20mm cavity which is filled with Argon, an inert gas thermal ’blanket’. Your home automatically feels warmer without the need to turn up the heating.

Warm Edge Spacer

Innovative warm edge Super Spacer® a non-metal solution. This extruded organic EPDM, spacer includes a 10 layer vapour barrier and a dual seal structural adhesive. It provides the ‘back-bone’ of our high performance insulated glass units. With vastly improved thermal efficiency, they also deliver better sound proofing, dramatically less condensation and longer life expectancy than more traditional metal spacer bars.

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