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Our ‘A++’ rated bespoke PVCu windows will transform the look, security and energy efficiency of your home.

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Need to improve the look, security and energy efficiency of your home  ?

Our state of the art ‘A++’ rated windows will transform the look, security and energy efficiency of your home. With our bespoke design service we will design the perfect window for your home. With many colour choices your ideal look is not far away. With our secure by design and PAS24 accreditation you can be safe in the knowledge that your home is safe and secure. With our industry leading ‘A++’ rated windows you will be sure to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills for many years to come.

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Strong, Safe and Secure

Security for you and your home is paramount, with the secure by design and PAS 24 accreditation you can be safe in the knowledge that your ‘A++’ rated PVCu windows have been manufactured to the highest standards.

PAS24 is a unique security standard for windows and doors.

Our high impact 70mm frame with thermally welded joints provides integral strength which is further increased, where necessary, through the incorporation of fully galvanised steel reinforcement into the multi-chambered structure of the profile.

Our 28mm Planitherm heat reflecting sealed units provide better strength, sound proofing and thermal insulation than standard double glazed units.

The combination of multi point locking systems (that secure the window in all four corners and all four sides of the frame), and its internally glazed design that prevents the glass from being removed from the outside, makes Silvertree the right choice.

Our PVCu windows carry the Secure By Design accreditation and conform to BS 7950 and PAS 024

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Peaceful & Warm

The glass matters

It may sound obvious, but if you're choosing new or replacement windows for your home the most important aspect you need to consider is the glass used in them. Many people don't.

Selecting the right glass can make a huge difference to how your windows perform and how your home feels. It can significantly impact factors such as comfort, warmth, energy efficiency and security. It can also help reduce noise, overheating and the fading of furniture.

The Planitherm difference

Beware of uncoated glass used in double glazing – it won’t provide all the functional capabilities you need to keep your home comfortable, warm and energy efficient.

Manufactured by Saint-Gobain, it uses a special coating that transforms normal glass into a material that reflects the heat you generate back into your home, rather than allowing it to escape through your windows. The same coating allows free heat from natural daylight to pass through the glass, capturing it to warm your rooms.

All three glass packages in the Planitherm range – Energy Standard, Comfort and Comfort Plus – can be used in either double or triple glazing applications.

Comfort and efficiency

Energy efficiency is high on people's wish list when they buy windows. The frames and how your windows are assembled can help with this, but the glass you use in them can make the biggest difference.

Planitherm can be used to achieve the best possible Window Energy Ratings (WERs), but it goes further, with a range of comfort features.  Planitherm glass can retain indoor warmth and capture or control the level of heat from outside – for a light, comfortable, more energy efficient home.


Lots of people think about robust handles with secure locks when investing in new windows – but the glass you choose can make the biggest difference of all to the security of your home.

Planitherm Comfort and Comfort Plus glass both include a special layer that's harder to break. Designed to protect against vandalism, it meets the official police security initiative ‘Secured by Design’ standard whenever it's used in an approved frame.

Noise reduction

Your choice of frame for your windows and the way they're sealed can only make so much difference to how much noise you hear from outside – and how much sound from indoors leaves your home.

Choosing a quality glass with noise reducing properties, will make the biggest difference. Planitherm Comfort and Comfort Plus glass provides 20% better noise reduction than traditional double glazing*.

For added comfort and protection

If you've experienced the powerful fading effects of sunlight in particularly sunny rooms, you'll know it can quickly fade furniture, floor coverings, curtains, photos and more.

Not all glass protects against these damaging UV rays, but Planitherm Comfort and Comfort Plus glass does. An invisible layer provides 99%** UV reduction – safeguarding your furnishings and memories.

*Compared with a 4mm/16mm cavity/4mm (uncoated) Double Glazed Unit filled with air.

**Calculated from UV transmittance in accordance with EN 410.

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